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Home Page of Let There Be Night

Results of the community-wide LTBN science experiment

News, upcoming events, publications, and new media related to Let There Be Night.

Podcast aired on 365 Days of Astronomy introduces Let There Be Night.

Brochure 08-10-28.pdf
Tri-column brochure introduces Let There Be Night.

Orion the hunter in various starfields

How LTBN specifically addresses the scientific method.

Student Leadership Teams from each of 14 schools study light pollution in-depth and create LEGO model of the experiment results

Illustration shows how much brighter sky glow is with each decrease in limiting magnitude

Highlights of the LTBN program through May 2009

2009 International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009)

Introduction to IYA2009

Key observations by Galileo that changed the world

Second Life simulation with Galileo's villa courtyard and an interactive modern street scene

(Not Just For) Planetariums

Introduces Let There Be Night DVD and online resources for multiple users, with emphasis on the planetarium community

Details of the contents on the 2-disc set with links to some content.
To purchase the 2-DVD set, see the GLPA Online Store.

Okay, so how do you access the oodles of additional files on Disc 2, which is a DVD ROM containing five videos on the main menu plus many folders within the disc? See this.

For Teachers

Both overview and details of what the role of teachers will be in the classroom. Links include activities, teacher packets, questions for consideration, Indiana standards, teacher in-service schedule, and IDA Tools for Teachers.

"LTBN Analysis" handout in 4 PDF files delivered to each 3-8 teacher:

3 Key Documents for Teachers

Recording form on which the Student Leadershiop Teams record the nightly SQM reading from school grounds.

Activity has students simulating turtles hatching on a beach in the presence of light pollution.

Activity has students draw their impression of night sky highlights to show what's at risk.

Activity shows how much of the night sky we have already lost using a model made of LEGO blocks.

Activity uses toys and a flashlight on a town mat to show how shielding eliminates glare, light trespass, and sky glow.

Jenny McCarthy's overhead projection with Orion punchouts (with sample student art);

(Not Just For) PHM Families

Describes the role of PHM students in grades 3-8, offers links to student project ideas, and introduces the Student Leadership Team.

List of ideas for science fair projects, competitions, and academic fairs, relating outdoor lighting issues to local community situations.

Student Leadership Teams from each of 14 schools study light pollution in-depth and create LEGO model of the experiment results

Interactive map of PHM school district that links to the respective schools

Events at the respective PHM schools:

A student project addresses the apparent loss offireflies.

A student science fair project asks, "Is light pollution affecting the way we see our night sky?"

A student science fair project suggests light pollution is lessened when outdoor lights are shielded.

Supporters of Let There Be Night

Lists the companies, organizations, and individuals who value the night enough to make a stand in defense of darkness.

Hear the Podcast: Let There Be Night is featured on the "Gosh Dim It All!" podcast, which was broadcast by the New Media Working Group of the International Year of Astronomy 2009. You can also find it and daily astronomy podcasts at 365 Days of Astronomy. Scroll down to (or find in the Archives) the podcast for Sunday, January 18, 2009.

DVD World Premiere

At the Let There Be Night DVD world premiere on November 9, 2008, guests viewed excerpts from several videos and watched the feature presentation with Galileo and Hypatia in its entirety. Bob Hayden, General Manager of Jordan Toyota, presented a $10,000.00 check to PHM Superintendent Dr. Jerry Thacker to support production of the DVD.

Jordan Toyota presents check LTBN premiere guests

To see TV news broadcast of the event, click the camera icon next to "Planetarium fights light pollution" at


brochure thumbnailTri-column brochure introduces Let There Be Night.

Earth Hour posterNew Earth Hour Poster (left) is available for participating Earth Hour sites.

Poster Describes Let There Be Night

ASP 2008 Poster

Poster at 2008 Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) Annual Conference announces two components of Let There Be Night: a DVD featuring the planetarium program and other dark sky resources, and the community-wide experiment to quantify sky glow. Poster is available as a large Powerpoint slide.